Into 3D terrain and on the road

The seventh RC car model from the Brno company 3D Sets is a buggy.

The purchased ZIP file [604 MB] contains individual car parts designed for FDM/FFF 3D printing in the STL format, specifically for Prusa i3 MK3S and Prusa Mini printers, and sets of parts placed on a bed in the 3MF format for general printers. You can view the schematic instructions online as a presentation on Google Slides.

Printing and building are not a one-afternoon job. In addition to about 2.5 kg of filament, you need a range of unprinted partsa>. Connection material, bearings, lubricant and belts can be supplied Prumex, but screws and nuts can be purchased in the appropriate quantity on AliExpressu. If you do not want to wait for parts from abroad, specific RC parts (shock absorbers, tires, transmitter/receiver) are available for example on

The parts are precisely designed. The body is made of standard PLA. The engine mount should be more resistant to higher temperatures (ideally printed from polycarbonate, but the Ender 3 S1 cannot handle it, so ASA material was used).

You will start building the body and mock interior, followed by the rear axle with the motor and regulator and the front axle with the servo.

Some parts are sprayed with acrylic spray paint.

Technical specifications:

  • operating weight: 2 372 g
  • width: 22,5 cm /
  • length: 52 cm
  • height: 20 cm /
  • battery: LiPo 2S 4100 mAh
  • receiver: FlySky-BS6 (AFHDS 2A protocol)
  • ESC: BH Power 35 A
  • motor: 1 x brushless C3530 (2808) 1400 kV