Battlefront 2 joystickem

Hvězdné stíhače a bombardéry můžete v Battlefront 2 ovládat joystickem, aniž byste museli čekat na oficiální podporu výrobce. Lze využít TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator.

Stíhací dvouplošník

Avia B-534
Czechoslovak prewar biplane in the EPP kit.

Head in the game

Playing with virtual reality glasses is not for everyone. Bring the action in simulator closer to the reality can be done without VR glasses too.

Move with your Origin game

Amount of data which games for Windows PC keep on your hard/SSD drive should be pretty high, even over 50 GB. Then, when you want to move a game to another place and you are using Electronic Arts's digital distribution channel Origin, you will be search the “Move” function but to no avail.

V-Room Glider

Pokojo-vé házedlo
The flight characteristics of the larger models you can test in bad weather at home on small room-sized gliders cutted out of EPP boards.